ICD-11 Cause of Death

The app provides a standardized approach to record cause of death information, following the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) guidelines.
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A Recognition of Dedication: Dr. John Lewis and Prof. Jørn Braa are lauded for their contributions to public health in Laos.

Unlocking Health Data with Key Apps: A Product of HISP Vietnam

iCapture is a dedicated data entry app, seamlessly integrated within the DHIS2 platform. Developed by HISP Vietnam, it empowers users to efficiently capture various data types, including Aggregate, Tracker and Event.


Supports the import of event, tracker and aggregated data based on customizable Excel templates. It is meant to streamline efforts of bringing legacy data into the system and support data integration of multiple systems.

Excel Importer

The OCA has been made in order to address the issue of limited internet connectivity. It is a self-contained desktop application that allows for offline the entry of event data. Data is all stored on a user’s computer and is synchronized when online connectivity is available.

Offline Capture App

The Event Line List V2 app is a new app that replaces the line listing functionality in the current Event Line List app which is being used in,,, but also offers additional functionality.

Event Line List

DHIS2 in Laos: Transforming Health Information Management

HISP Vietnam support to Lao PDR

DHIS2 core team established at national level and province level
– Major health programs have adopted DHIS2 for their data reporting and analysis
– Continuous support from Ministry of Health, Cabinet, WHO Lao team and Development partners.

– iCapture – DHIS2 web app, combines aggregate and event data in same app
– Admin can configure for Event completeness (Such as weekly disease surveillance program)
– Desktop OCA allows user to enter data offline
– OCA-V2 allows user to sync metadata and data to online server

– Citizen can pre-register for Covid vaccination (online or using mobile app) – reducing data entry workload on health staff
– Health staff verify and provide vaccination and Covid certificate (hard copy-green card)
– Citizen can also download or verify Covid certificate via web or using smart phone (Android & iOS)
– Request for travel certificate of Covid vaccination

– Aim to collect Family and household information along with family members details.
– 92% of population been registered in DHIS2.
– Family information custom app combines two DHIS2 tracker program Family details and members details
– Inbuilt custom report in app

Visit a Health Center in Vientiane Capital, Laos PDR

Visit a Health Center in Luang Prabang Province, Laos PDR

Cause of Death Dashboard

WHO COD app with ICD 11

This project is from WHO HQ on building custom app for WHO Cause of death module using ICD 11 code list from api. The plan is to use build a app which communicate with ICD 11 api for searching code list. either embedding ICD 11 module in server which dhis2 is installed or connect to global ICD 11 api.