Projects in Vietnam


  • GDPM: Deploy National Data warehouse, data integrated from ECDS2 (National diseases surveillance software)
  • GDPM: Deploy Regional Data warehouses, data integrated from National Data warehouse
  • GDPM: EBS – Event Based Surveillance instance
  • CDC – VAAC: National HIV Recency Program
  • PIHCM: Southern Region Covid19 Surveillance

HISP Vietnam support to Lao PDR


  • DHIS2 core team established at national level and province level
  • Major health programs have adopted DHIS2 for their data reporting and analysis
  • Continuous support from Ministry of Health, Cabinet, WHO Lao team and Development partners.

Custom apps: iCapture & Desktop based Offline Capture app

  • iCapture – DHIS2 web app, combines aggregate and event data in same app
  • Admin can configure for Event completeness
    • Such as weekly disease surveillance program
  • Desktop OCA allows user to enter data offline
  • OCA-V2 allows user to sync metadata and data to online server

Complete solution for Covid Vaccination & Certificate

  • Citizen can pre-register for Covid vaccination (online or using mobile app) – reducing data entry workload on health staff
  • Health staff verify and provide vaccination and Covid certificate (hard copy-green card)
  • Citizen can also download or verify Covid certificate via web or using smart phone (Android & iOS)
  • Request for travel certificate of Covid vaccination

Custom app: Family Information system

  • Aim to collect Family and household information along with family members details.
  • 92% of population been registered in DHIS2.
  • Family information custom app combines two DHIS2 tracker program Family details and members details
  • Inbuilt custom report in app

HISP Vietnam support to NCHADS, Cambodia


  • Routinely data been imported from 5 HIV related database into one DHIS2 instance.
  • Import scripts
    • Links VCCT, BIACM, Prevention records to ART
    • Lists potential duplicate based on ID
    • Match and import Lab data from Lab databases into respective ART clients as Lab stage
    • National wide dashboard include province and districts

DHIS2 – HIV ART Case surveillance and Transfer for patients

  • Custom app Combine drugs stage into visit stage
  • User can transfer and admit patient with New ART client ID based on receiving Clinic
  • ART users can enroll person based on VCCT program

DHIS2 generic app: WHO COD app with ICD 11


  • Custom Cause of Death app with WHO COD metadata and ICD 11 embedded tool
  • User can customize and translate COD app
  • Inbuilt dashboard and Anacod export

Solomon Islands


  • COVID-19 Vaccination
  • AEFI (Adverse Events Following Immunization)
  • ICD-10 Cause of Death



  • COVID-19 Vaccination and Surveillance
  • Immunization
  • Malaria Events and Tracker
  • Routine HMIS



  • Metadata quality assessment
  • Using DHIS2 as a backend with an Australian software (Tupaia) as the front end