Nghia Nguyen

  • Senior Technical Implementer

Contact Info:

  • +84-28-36363700
  • nghianguyentran
  • No 41-TM, Block C, Florita Residence, Road D4, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam


Working on DHIS2 (open source) – a webpage platform about Health System. Customize DHIS2 based on a different system and use some technology such as HTML, Javascript, ES5, ES6, Nodejs, ReactJS to implement, improve, and training DHIS2 in many countries (Lao, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Congo, Indonesia, etc) and also Co-Operative with many NGOs such as Save the children, UNAIDS, Path, Pathfinder, WHO .etc. to work on DHIS2.

Implement DHIS2 for COVID

  • Import the COVID package (all programs, related metadata, dashboards, data) for Laos.
  • Import the COVID package (all programs, related metadata, dashboards,) for Vanuatu.
  • Customize the COVID Case base Surveillance program and import data for Laos.
  • Import the COVID Test Returnee program data for Laos.
  • Develop the COVID’s dashboard applications for Laos and Vietnam.
  • Customize the COVID’s excel importer application for Vietnam.

Implement DHIS2 for Laos

  • Work with the Ministry of Health in Lao to implement DHIS2 based on many projects such as (HIV, Malaria, MCH, etc.)
  • Training DHIS2 (end-user and training of trainer) for Malaria Project
  • Training DHIS2 (end-user and training of trainer) for MCH Project
  • Training DHIS2 (end-user and training of trainer) for the HIV team
  • Design report for TB project in Lao.
  • Design the data entry form for the HIV project.
  • Design the DLI Standard report.
  • Migrated all WHO dashboard to Lao instances.
  • Implement DHIS2 tracker (new features of DHIS2) for all districts.
  • Implement the HIV ART Program based on the tracker feature of
  • Using ReactJS to develop some tools for Lao such as Event capture apps, Cascade Table.- Using NodeJS to work on Lao (update metadata, import data).- Maintenance Offline apps using Electron Technology
  • Participate in the iCapture project (using ReactJS).
  • Develop Report Application for HIV ART Program.

Implement DHIS2 for Indonesia

  • Support the University of Oslo and Pusdatin (Ministry of Health of Indonesia) to implement DHIS2.
  • Support training of trainer.
  • Create and customize an open dashboard based on user requirements for Indonesia.(ReactJS)
  • Create Excel Importer apps for pushing data from another system to DHIS2.
  • Write many NodeJS scripts for Integrate Data, Also using a cronjob.
  • Develop Excel Importer Application for Immunization program

Implement Dashboard Widget Apps for CDC Vietnam

  • Migrated metadata such as dashboard, orgUnit, report between three CDC system.- Migrated data from Viettel system to CDC DHIS2 system automatically by period.
  • Using ReactJS technology to make Dashboard Widget apps for showing all data based on the requirement of CDC Vietnam.
  • Maintenance of Excel Importer Apps (using ReactJS).

Implement DHIS2 for Vanuatu

  • Migrated all WHO TB metadata and also modify it to Vanuatu instance.
  • Work with all customs forms (an input form) of Vanuatu.

Implement DHIS2 for Solomon Island

  • Customize Medical Certificate of Cause of Death program

PSI tasks

  • Training DHIS2 Fundamental Academy for PSI users in Vietnam
  • Support Technical for PSI Vietnam
  • Migrate all orgUnits and orgUnitGroups of Vietnam between dev and production of PSI instance

DHIS2 training for WHO Cambodia

  • Training DHIS2 for WHO’s Staff for using and maintenance DHIS2
  • Support WHO’s Staff to work on custom entry form and standard report in DHIS2

PSI Myanmar, Save the Children Myanmar and Myanmar ATM Project

  • Implement DHIS2 for the Myanmar government about HIV, Malaria, and TB.
  • Create forms of data entry for end-users
  • Support and training for ATM Project
  • Create Standard report for ATM Project
  • Editing Excel Importer for Malaria data
  • Import metadata and data for ATM Project (using NodeJS)
  • Support Save the Children Organisation to implement and using DHIS2
  • Analyze the data, implement tracker and create the Report for PSI Myanmar
  • Revised Myanmar DHIS2 instance.

DHIS2 software development in corporation with Path Finder

  • Integrate hospital management software to DHIS2 for Thai Nguyen and Hai Duong Department of Health. (Javascript Technology)
  • Training Health Staff about DHIS2 for 20 communes in Thai Nguyen province.
  • Write more than 40 standard reports (Javascript) for Thai Nguyen and Hai Duong province
  • Training Health Staff about DHIS2 for Hai Duong province

Tuberculosis program for Congo

  • Analyze the Tuberculosis quarterly routine report, design Report for this program by using the Reporting module in DHIS2.