Dzung Nguyen

  • Technical Implementer Lead

Contact Info:

  • +84-28-37732888
  • No 41-TM, Block C, Florita Residence, Road D4, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Mr. Dzung Nguyen is an accomplished IT specialist with extensive experience in developing and implementing DHIS2 extensions for various countries and organizations. His expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, Babel, Webpack, ES6/ES7 has enabled him to create customized solutions that enhance the functionality and usability of DHIS2.

Mr. Dzung Nguyen’s notable contributions include:

  • Extending the DHIS2 web interface: He has developed a framework for extending the DHIS2 web interface without modifying the source code, allowing users to easily add custom functionality and tailor the user experience.

  • COVID-19 pandemic surveillance: He has collaborated with multiple countries to deploy DHIS2 instances for COVID-19 pandemic disease surveillance. For Vietnam, he worked with PIHCMC to create an instance that collects data for port of entry, testing, case-based, and contact tracking. Additionally, he developed a customized dashboard to visualize data breakdowns.

  • National DHIS2 implementation in Laos: He has worked closely with Lao’s Ministry of Health (MoH) to deploy national DHIS2 instances, building a health information system encompassing multiple programs, including TB, HIV, EPI, MCH, and DLI.

  • National data warehouse in Vietnam: He partnered with GDPM to establish a national data warehouse and regional data warehouses, integrating data from national disease surveillance software.

  • Technical support for PSI in Asia: As a focal point for PSI in Asia, Mr. Dzung Nguyen provided technical support and implementation services, playing a crucial role in supporting PSI’s mission to promote healthy behavior and affordable health products.

Mr. Dzung Nguyen’s expertise and commitment to leveraging technology for public health initiatives make him an invaluable asset in the DHIS2 community.

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