08 Apr 2022

DHIS2 as Data Warehouse


Adapted from HMN. “Framework and Standards for Country Health Information Systems” Geneva, WHO, 2008

Multiple sources of data, multiple uses of data. Integrated data repository or warehouse to unify data streams and serve as a portal for users.

All data in one place – a central repository


Supports collection of many different data sets (and can easily expand to new data requirements)
Automated import from other systems like MFL, EMR, HR, Logistics etc. (planned for)
Avoid duplicate systems for data collection and storage

Easy access to data to all online users
Wherever you are, as long as you have Internet and a username you can access the latest data
DHIS 2 becomes a data center for all stakeholders with access


Pre-defined analysis tools shared by all users

Both one click report and custom data analysis
Targeting different needs and skills
User-defined dashboards to give a quick overview of the latest data/issues
GIS interface to all the data


Data aggregation to any level or period
While data is collected and stored monthly by health facility, a report can show quarterly or yearly values by any level in the hierarchy
Built in support for definition and calculation of indicators (coverage, incidence rates etc.)
Often referred to as “calculated indicators”
Makes use of population and other denominator data already in the system

All reports and analysis tools support indicators and allow for powerful analysis and comparisons across areas and over time
In stead of looking only at raw numbers or doing manual calculations in Excel
Many output formats are supported; html, pdf, excel, jasper reports
Fast reports due to separate and nightly updated data mart that does all the calculations in advance

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