13 Apr 2022



This project is from WHO HQ on building custom app for WHO Cause of death module using ICD 11 code list from api. The plan is to use build a app which communicate with ICD 11 api for searching code list. either embedding ICD 11 module in server which dhis2 is installed or connect to global ICD 11 api.

The team has been in regular consultation and discussion with WHO Technical focal point – Anh Chu and other related teams in DDI for inputs, recommendations. WHO COD ICD-11 demo site has (https://dhis2.world/whocod/) been created and shared.

Below are some key features of the ICD11 COD DHIS2 Application:

DHIS2 apps menu, then click on that to open the Cause of Death app.

The app has 4 modules: Data Entry, Anacod Export, Dashboard and Administration which are presented in the dropdown menu.

1. Data Entry

Registration info and Frame A

Registration info and Frame B


By clicking to the cause of death boxes, the WHO ICD11 search page will show up for selection of ICD11 codes:

ICD11 List


After any Cause of Death selected, option of printing out the certificate will pop up.

Certificate displaying

2. Anacod Export

Anaconda Export

3. Dashboard

4. Administration

In the Administration module, other attributes can be added into the Register form (Profile section in Data Entry form) for country adaptation.

The Administration module also allows setting up the Certificate, such as changing the header, logo, and add/delete attributes and data elements in the template.


The COD app will ask for installation if it hasn’t already installed.

Using default installation, there is no need to select other attributes and data elements for the COD app.

Using custom installation, matching existing attributes in the instance is required. Also, other attributes and data elements can be added into the COD for entry form.


Matching existing attributes is required (for custom installation only). Also, other attributes can be added for the Register form.

Add more data elements as other sections for Frame A if needed (for custom installation only).

Frame A setting

Add more data elements as other sections for Frame B if needed (for custom installation only). Also, default sections can be removed from Frame B.

Frame B setting

Assigning OUs and User Groups are required for both default and custom installation.

Assigning OrgUnits

Assigning User Groups

Review before installing






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